Sunday, 18 November 2012


I think I might delete this blog.
I have already deleted my other one and haven't been as attentive to this one as I'd like to be because of personal reasons ( such as finding what I am going to do in five years as my mother said she will kick me out then ).
I also have Christmas tests which I am probably going to fail.
Most of you may think this is too pessimistic, I know that other people are worse off but anyway I'm letting you decide.
Post in the comments what you think.
The deadline is midnight Monday ( GMT ).
If I don't get any comments after that this blog shall be no more.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A blog post a day keeps the hate mail away.

Here's a short snippet of the story, I know it's not a lot but its better than nothing.

Death liked Ireland, it was a nice place filled with nice people.
Granted most of them wanted her dead and vice versa. It had all happened so long ago, after the war with Mevolent had ended she had been one of the few criminals who had prospered by robbing and giving up former comrades in exchange for her crimes being expunged. It had all backfired when another criminal had ratted her out for her underground tiger railroad (robbing tigers and setting them free in India). What had stung the most was the man who had ratted her out was the one who knew all her supply and cross border routes, partly because he was the lone teleporter who operated them.
Eden Threatening, the betrayal stung even know but she couldn't help feeling a glimmer of admiration at how he had used her not only to get his numerous murders expunged but also to gain a promising career in a sanctuary he had defied for two decades. Death pushed those thoughts aside as she boarded the plain.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Insert title when I think of it.

I don't have any comments to make on this instalment as I can't think of one that would be worth my whit so here's your story.
P.S. can anyone post in the comments what's been happening in Blogland? I haven't been on in ages.

  "Get what you wanted?" Madame Mist asked. "Plan went off without a hitch" Death Rose answered jingling the key. "Good and did you find Slumps plans," "yep it has all the instructions on how and where to use it it even gives you the danger radius in case you don't won't to be caught up in it all." "I'm afraid that's unnecessary for I will have to be close enough to make it look plausible yet far enough so I can easily escape" " okay so I'll give them to you later and have you held up your side of the bargain" Death asked as Madame Mist held up a brown folder. "everythings here passports, birth certificates, deeds and even medical records" she left it on the table and walked out. Death grabbed the folder and walked out the opposite door.

  "Any luck on your part?" Brave asked. "Nothing much we've got Sanguine in the interrogation room, he was pretty dazed so I wasn't able to get much out of him but it seems he was mostly kept in the dark about what to do after he killed me so that leaves us with little or no leads." "Well we do have one Jestian Slump  and if we're lucky they haven't destroyed all his files so let's go investigate."
 "It seems that Slump wasn't one for cleanliness" Eden announced as he kicked down the door to Slump's apartment. "Well I guess if you lived on the run and could have to leave where ever you were living at an hours notice would you have much time for cleaning?" Brave asked his voice much to sarcastic for Eden's liking." Well his files would certainly be somewhere he could snatch up or burn at the last minute, let's hope he didn't get time to do either" Eden shouted to Brave from the next room as he searched through some newspaper clippings about Slump.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fights and fancy cars.

Well Skulduggery has the Bentley so I have mine.

Eden gave the girl at the counter his order and waited at the table for his coffee. He heard a familiar voice order at the counter at then a look of surprise crossed his face as Sanguine sat down in front of him."Get out of  here Billy Ray, I have a contact waiting" a flash of anger crossed his face. 
"Well you see about that he kinda wants to have your meeting from the dumpster around the corner" he answered his handsome face forming a smile.
"Why did you did you kill my contact ?" Eden asked his anger clearly visible by now. "because I wanted to talk to you" he answered, "it's about Death Rose she asked me to kill you so she could destroy the sanctuary, even paid me double my usual demand if I stop you from talking to anyone else. But you see I don't want to destroy the sanctuary you guys are just too much fun you see" "so what is she planning." " oh this is a bit awkward I didn't say I wasn't going to kill you don't take it personally it's just that when I've been paid for a job I do it, it would severely hurt my reputation if I were to let this one slide on account of me liking you guys to much so" he finished, as he moved his straight razor into view. "We can take this" but before he could finish Eden shot him a box right into the jaw.The whole room went quiet as Sanguine returned a blow of his own to Eden's shoulder. Sanguine went low trying to lift Eden off his feet but Eden sent a elbow sharply into his neck. Sanguine went to sink into the ground but Eden caught him and whispered into his ear "no public displays of magic please" then kneed Sanguine in the groin. Sanguine feinted high and threw Eden over his shoulder and kicked his shin on the way down, Eden rolled away just before Sanguine smashed into the ground and as he lay dazed there Eden slapped a pair of hand cuffs on him. He picked up Sanguine, left a fifty euro note at the counter and led Sanguine to his Astin  Martin.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Administrators, a dime a dozen.

What's the deal with the unimportance of the sanctuary administrators.
Well with one of them being a traitor and the first one being killed, I think it's about time something happened to the current one.

   Death Rose didn't know what type of person Tipstaff was all she knew was he worked for the sanctuary so he had to die, but that didn't mean he couldn't help her first. Tipstaff wasn't the best fighter, sanctuary administartors never were, he practically feinted when Death touched him. She had him on the ground in less than five minutes. "What do you want?" he asked his eyes wide in fear, she could swear he'd already wet himself "your the sanctuary administrator right ?" she asked her patience wearing thin. "ye ye yes" he answered, "that means you have access to anywhere In the building?" "yes" he answered finally recognising his importance but I'll never give the master key to you" he finished proud at how brave he sounded. "Well you see that's where you're wrong, because before you mentioned the master key I didn't know how you opened the doors so since its the key that opens it and  all I need is the key not you" she countered, her smile growing as his disappeared "so I'll be having that key now please" she said holding out her hand. He held out the keys and she glared at him and saw the last ounce of life fade from his face, she hid his body or what was left of it  in a cleaning supply closet and took the keys. 

  Erksine Ravel hadn't liked being chosen as the Grand Mage of the council of elders but it had its moments going to the site of an administrator's body wasn't one of them. "What do you think happened Mr Brave" Erksine asked.
"Despite the somber look of my attire Mr Ravel I am not a coroner but lucky for you it doesn't take someone with the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes to figure out he wasn't torn apart but had a special magic power used on him, a special power that we know only one person can use." "So you think Ms Rose snook in here, but why?" "Well if you search the body or what's left of it, you'll notice that one thing is missing the administrator's key." " Oh well then we have a big problem on or hands" "indeed

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How do they do it?

I know that the SP characters are some of the coolest characters out there but how in the world do they get around the world ( see what I did there ) with their weapons on them?
That was the inspiration for this part of the story.
I would also like to thank everyone who commented and if you have any stories you want to give me email them to
You happy now Death *grins*.
Keep the comments coming and I would like to thank Mistical Future for being the newest follower of The Brave And Threatening Adventures Of Eden And Stiltskin.

 " What do you mean you got caught in customs," Death shouted angrily " you are supposed to be one of the most deadly assassins in the world and you got caught in customs." The man answered in a rich Texan accent " well every assassins gotta have a weapon, right?, well  it turns out mines illegal in this country. " "Then why did you have it in your hand luggage" she glared at the window she was looking out and it burst into a million pieces " okay " she said her voice calming " do whatever you can to get out of there." " You mean you want me to kill 'em ?" " yes!" Death couldn't see it but I wide smile crept over the Texan's face she ended the call as the sound of screams filled the room. 
That was one job sorted now to her part.

   "Can't do it " answered Finbar a frown forming on his face "what do you mean, I thought you said your powers were back up and running" asked Eden his fist clenching as he closed his eyes. "there's more psychics than me" said Finbar his voice sympathetic, "none that trust us, no sensitive likes us  ever since we did that mysterious mind breaking case a few years ago" answered Eden."What about Cassandra?" Finbar asked, " she doesn't trust necromancers" answered Brave as he stood in the corner playing with the shadows in the room."Sorry I couldn't be of help guys it seems like your going to have to take the hard approach." "what's that ?" asked Stiltskin. "waiting for whatever's going to happen to happen" answered Finbar a wide grin forming across his face "no time for that" joked Eden an even wider grin forming across his face as he put on his gloves and jacket. He shook Finbars hand then as soon as Stiltskin put his hands on Edens shoulders they were gone

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The plot thickens

Here's the newest part.
I haven't been on Blogland in ages ( a week roughly ).
So here's the story and keep the comments coming.

Death Rose didn't know why her employers wanted Jestian Slump dead she did what they asked if she asked all of her employers their reasons she had a feeling that she wouldn't be so inundated with jobs as she was, she didn't care who her employers were either she just  wanted their money, as long as they payed the job was done. 
 Jestian Slump had been one of her easier jobs the employers paid before hand and offered her a little extra to make sure no one else got to him first, of course they had been lying, but the earlier pay had been enough for her,
Besides foiling the Irish sanctuary was enough they had driven her halfway around the world and now she wanted a little pay back, killing Jestian Slump was just the beginning.

  "So tell me Mr Threatening why did such an easy operation end so badly ?" asked Grand Mage Erksine Ravel. " We met some opposition, we believe Death Rose intercepted the target before we had a chance " answered Eden. 
" Isn't she supposed to be hiding in Australia ?" said Madame Mist. "According to out last briefing, yes, but we have reason to believe that she has friends in high places" countered Stiltskin " and that Slump was going to do something out of plan because Ms Rose was able to get very close to him which must mean she was given access to him by Slumps gang " finished Eden. " Are you saying that not only was the Australian sanctuary in on it but so were Slump's own supporters  ? " asked Ravel quite bewildered at this point. " This meeting is adjourned you are dismissed the council shall convene with you when we are finished with more pressing matters" commanded Madame Mist gesturing to the door.
" Why do you think Madame Mist did that, " asked Stiltskin. " What I think is Ms Rose has more friends in high places than we know about, I don't think we should report back to the sanctuary unless we have Death Rose in custody" answered Eden. " Agreed " finished Stiltskin. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Most of you won't believe this, me being the seemingly perfect genius I am. *grins*
Well anyway it felt so humbling when I got the emails that people had actually commented on my blog and they weren't hate comments!
Well anyway I dedicate this blog post to Death Rose and Lola Shallow Heart my first fans.
(Brave I'll dedicate to you if you come on)
Well here it is, the next instalment.
Hope you enjoy it.

Eden sat cross legged on his armchair while Stiltskin made some coffee they had had their apartments joined so if either one had information the other would know straight away, that was never a problem for Eden but Stiltskin's shadow walking skills couldn't compare to teleportation. Eden tapped a symbol on the armchair, the good thing about being a natural at a certain type of magic was you could focus your energy on a different type. Eden liked symbols, symbols were great, he wondered if Stiltskin  liked necromancy, he hadn't talked much about temple life. Eden had often wonder how he was trained but those thoughts always left quickly, Stiltskin came over with the coffee and Eden placed it on the already hot symbol. "You ever heard of this death rose " he asked "yes, only rumours though she's adept, can reverse gravity and kill people by looking at them but it takes a lot out of her" " so at least we know what we're going up against " " what worries me more is her motive why kill Slump unless he knew something that she didn't want us to know " Eden finished his coffee. " Well we've got a big day a head of us tomorrow we've got to explain how this Death Rose came from nowhere and killed one of the most feared killers anywhere." "Please don't mention it till the morning " moaned Eden " I just want to go to sleep" he said as he put away coffee mug and went to his room. "Goodnight Mr Threatening." " Goodnight Mr Brave."

Reading my blog.

It has occurred to me while I was reading this blogs stats that some people are actually reading it!
Can you believe that?
And not only have you been reading it you've given me a comment or two.
Death it seems you aren't the only one who has nothing to do but read this blog.
I would also like to thank Lola Shallow Heart for being the first person to follow this blog.

Friday, 5 October 2012

First part of the story

This is just the very start so I'm not giving you very much, just be thankful you're getting anything at all.

The Brave and Threatening adventures of Stiltskin and Eden
                                                           Death Rose

Eden Threatening and Stilstkin Brave detectives for the Irish sanctuary were sitting in their car - well really it was Stiltskins car, Eden being a natural born teleporter didn't have much need for cars- they were waiting for the notorious murderer, war criminal and terrorist , Jestian Slump.
They had been waiting in the car for hours Brave had been able to fall asleep but Eden being a teleporter wasn't used to confinedspace s - he wasn't used to a lot of things but he hated confined spaces the most - as he watched the shadows play with Braves hair he saw some movement out of the window, it was a woman about 6 feet from the looks of it anything else was blocked out by the rain and her coat but the next figure Eden recognised easily. Jestian Slump. 
    Eden shook Stiltskins shoulders and the shadows around him instantly tightened. "  What ? " he asked then he peered out the window and saw the car in front speed down the street and put his own BMW in gear following so as not to be noticed. When they came to a corner something strange happened two figures dumped something on the footpath then sped away in the car.
" What do you think that could be " asked Eden " dont know let's check it out " 
They walked over to what looked like a body. The body of Slump his unmistakeable long hair lay matted on the ground and on his chest was a note 
                                         Ha ha I got here first boys,  
                                                        Death Rose 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

First part of the story

First of all I am sorry that I havent posted in so long and when I did it was a major disaster so
I want all my readers to know scratch that I want death rose (my only reader so far)
to know NEVER TRY TO COPY AND PASTE SOMETHING ON AN IPAD and I'll give you the first part of the story in a few days

Thursday, 6 September 2012

My friend death roses story

This is my dear friend death roses story and I would just like to thank her for her inspiration and kindness.

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I was really bored! Sorry you have to read through SO much! I just got really REALLY bored!

The young girl looked at the detective and away again. She couldn’t stand to look at a skeleton when she was guilty. She looked at his partner. Valkyrie Cain, she snarled in her head. She longed for the shackles to be off. If her hands were tied behind her back with rope or even ordinary shackles, they’d all be dead. Well maybe not the skeleton, he has a way of avoiding death. First with Serpine, then Vengeous, then the Faceless Ones. She doubted that she’d live long if the skeleton was around when she killed Cain.
Bide your time, the voice in her head thought.
“Well, Miss Rose,” Pleasant said in his velvety voice.
“Death,” She said then added, “please” after the stern look from Cain.
“Okay then, Death. I believe you know about the murders of Elizabeth Time and Magnet Cannon.” He asked and if he had a face, she would have bet he would have raised an eyebrow,
“Of course, who doesn’t?”
“Well, we have evidence to believe that you are responsible for their murders.”
She looked shocked but inside she cursed. Three hours ago I killed them! Three hours and they know it was me! “I’m sorry but. . .” She trailed off, conjuring tears into her eyes. She looked at Cain and continued in a very practiced, yet convincing voice. “They were like family to me and you think that I killed them?”
“Yes, and don’t do that voice with us. We found the recordings of your voice like this.” Cain pulled out a tape recorder and pressed play.
“Please, they were like family to me!” The voice said in a saddened tone. “Yeah, that’s good enough!” The voice sounded chipper.
She cursed again. “That wasn’t me,” she insisted in that tear swollen voice again. “I swear! You can bet my boyfriend’s life on it!”
“Well, we don’t believe you.” Cain said in a humorous tone. God was she annoying. “So we have someone who is going to watch you,” she continued and the door opened to reveal a fifteen year old kid with brownish-blondish hair. He had blue eyes and to her amusement, it looked like he had a cowlick.
“Hi, Death Rose. Should I call you Death, or Rose, or Rosie or. . .” He trailed off, looking uncomfortable.
“Death will be fine, thanks.” She said, smiling. Damn the teary voice, she thought.
“Well Death, you won’t notice me at all. I’ll be watching you closely at all times. And, just to be thorough, if you do see me – which is highly unlikely due to me being a teleporter and all, I’ll be erased from your memory with this,” He held up a metal cylinder, about the size and width of a pencil, and had a black symbol carved into it. There was a button on the top, “I’ll be erased from your memory and this conversation will be wiped.” He clicked the button and everything went black.

She woke up in her bed. Wow, was that a wired dream! She thought and went downstairs to make her breakfast.
The dream was about a fifteen year old kid with a cowlick and he was talking. She was somewhere in the Sanctuary – she guessed – and he had a . . . She couldn’t remember.
She grabbed the strawberry oats and put them in the microwave. BANG! She spun around and heard apop! The sound of air closing around a suddenly disappearing object. Teleporter, her mind informed her. She walked over to her bedroom where the sound originated from and found her pile of books knocked over. She raced over, making sure there were no dog-eared pages and the covers weren’t bent. The microwave beeped.
She walked over to the microwave and saw that her oats were already out. Hmm. . . . I think my house is possessed. She got on her old laptop, her breakfast forgotten and looked up the earliest flight to Australia. She had a friend there, and old guy friend called Demon Fire. Very cliché. He was an elemental, who focused on fire manipulation, and had a knack for reading minds. He could sense if a fire was lit a few kilometers away, he was also responsible for the Black Saturday bush fires a few years back.  He also knew a lot about demons. The earliest flight to Australia was in a half hour. She could make that.

She jumped in a taxi and went to the airport. She had her luggage already packed the night before and . . .Wait! I didn’t pack anything! I was out for dinner with Dexter Vex and then I went straight to bed! She frowned at her luggage. How did the demon do that? She thought of all her personal items she had in there and blushed a deep red.

The plane ride lasted longer than she had expected. She thought that she saw that fifteen year old boy from her dream, but when she looked again; he had vanished. Demon Fire was waiting at the Melbourne airport to pick her up. Whenever a mortal got too close, they’d slip into coded words. A girl walked up beside them. She was about fifteen and coppery coloured hair. She was quite pretty and she had a nice smile. “Hi! I’m Helena Ember Sky! But please, call me Hel.”
“I’m Rose and this is my friend,” she thought for a reasonable name. “Peter.”
Yes, Peter.” He said dryly.
“Of course Peter, or should I call you Demon Fire or. . .”
“Okay, so you know about us, or at least our names! So what?” Fire asked irritably. Don’t get on his bad side, Death begged in her mind. She remembered an old friend, Crystal Darkflair who had once got on Fire’s dark side.

“Oh Demon!” Darkflair taunted, dancing around the trees in the park. “Come and get me if you can?” She smiled and bolted.
“I’ll get you alright.” Fire growled and raced after her.
Darkflair was all legs, her legs were so strong they could kick a hole in a brick wall. Death had seen it first hand; inches away from her head.
Darkflair raced past Death and wind whipped Darkflair’s legs out from under her.
She landed with a thud. “Ugh,” She groaned and rolled on to her back as a man in a dark brown suit came over to her. She flicked her black hair out of her blue eyes. “You win,” She said, defeated.
“I said ‘I’ll get you’.” Fire reminded her and clicked his fingers. The fire spread all over his body but he didn’t feel it. “Here, I’ve got you.” He reached down and touched Darkflair’s hair and she was suddenly enveloped in fire.
“Demon Fire!” Death screamed; he couldn’t do this. This was insane! “Stop!”
But Fire wouldn’t listen. Darkflair just kept screaming and tried to get rid of the wall of air pushing down on her. The flames were licking her skin away; literally.
Death shuddered and yelled again. “FIRE! STOP!” But he wasn’t listening.
Death looked at her hands then at Fire’s shoulders. This was going to hurt; bad!
She put her hands on Fire’s shoulders and – ignoring the fire dancing up her arms – she imagined the world upside down and willed the objects to twist and turn. She felt her hair falling forward and then it felt as if Death was hanging upside down. Fire still had his hands on Darkflair’s hair. Fire suddenly realized that he was upside down and pulled his hands off. Death kicked him away, turned gravity back to normal. She brushed the fire off her arm and raced over to Darkflair’s burnt body and looked for any signs of life. There was no skin or clothing. Her hair was burnt and all you could see was a dark red puddle and a skeleton.

She was pulled out of the memory by Hel saying, “I work with the Australian Sanctuary. I’ve heard reports of you coming in and I thought I’d make sure you arrived on time.” She smiled but Death thought she saw curiosity in her eyes.
“Thanks, Hel.” Death said and took her hand. “Demon, be a dear and wait for us. We’ll just be a moment.” Death and Hel walked over to the ladies bathroom.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Death hissed at Hel. Was she crazy? Obviously she was; she was trying to annoy Demon Fire for God’s sake! If she was working with the Australian Sanctuary, she’d have to know what he had done to Crystal Darkflair! Death couldn’t control he anger. She glared at the blue tiled floor and suddenly, a crack appeared and the longer she glared at it, the deeper the crack grew. By the time she looked back at Hel, the crack was a good two metres deep.
“Nice move,” Hel said, studying the crack. “The wonders it could do for the Sanctuary. We wouldn’t have to clean so many scythes that way.”
Death frowned and remembered not to glare. If she did, Hel would die. Hel quickly checked under the stalls and gave the all clear. Death locked the door. “You haven’t answered my question. What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m the welcoming party to the land of Oz! Just so we get our facts straight, you’re and adept. Trained in various martial arts and can glare at thing and make them die, or in this case, crack.” She looked at Death for approval.
“Yes, and I can also rearrange gravity,” Death imagined every thing turning upside down and she felt like she was hanging upside down on a tree again. She loved the sensation of her hair weighing down on her.
“Neat!” Hel said, grinning.
“Okay, what about you. I need to know about you due to you knowing about me. An eye for an eye.”
Hel stared and Death thought that she made no sense. After a moment, Hel said, “I’m an elemental, necromancer and an Adept. I’m in on all the secrets about Australia and magic. Did you know that Kevin Rudd is a necromancer? He studies in an underground temple under the Parliament house.” Death must have looked confused because Hel explained. “Kevin Rudd is Australia’s last Prime Minister. It’s like America’s President but,” she looked at the water from the toilets coming towards her. “Can you please set me back normally?”
“Sure,” Death said and Hel fell on her knees while Death stayed on her feet. She crossed he arms over her chest.
“Julia Gillard, Australia’s newest Prime Minister is a mortal. One of our psychics said if we told her, she’d turn Australia into a war zone. So when you need to find Kevin Rudd; go to the basement. Look for the iron grate and slide it open. Then you’ll be in tunnels. Go left, left, forwards through the fork, right then down the next grate at the end of the dead end. Then, at the intersection with the seven passages, go to your fifth left. That’s all through trial and error. And guess what, you know-”
There was a rap in the bathroom door. Death and Hel looked at each other.
“Who is it?” Hel called out. She kept looking towards the back of the room.
“It’s Airport Security. We have reports of yelling from other passengers. And this door should never be locked.”
“The sparrow flies south for winter. Leave me alone.” Hel said and she put her fore-finger to her lips, meaning Death should be quiet.
She nodded and the Airport Guard said, “Yes, of course.”
It was silent for ten seconds then Hel cursed. “Skulduggery Pleasant uses that code when he’s about to hit someone in front of Valkyrie. Us mages here use it as a way of saying, ‘Hi, we are mages; let us do what we want.’ That Airport Security was employed by us, the Melbourne Sanctuary.”
“Interesting, I’ve heard the background story to ‘The sparrow flies south for winter’.” Death said, smiling. She remembered when the news spread that Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain said it to Bison, the necromancer and hit him then. It was like wild fire, spreading like Myron Stray’s true name. It is a code word now for everything magical. Death knew of a person with power, a man with golden eyes, whose true identity lies under those six words. Erskine Ravel. Death would have bet her life on it that Hel didn’t know the true identity of the Grand Mage.
“Okay, I have a friend to get back to,” Death said, hinting at the knowledge of Demon Fire waiting just outside.
“Oh, OK.” She sounded sad. “Wait! I have to give you something!” She dug around in her pockets for a moment and came out with a pen. It had a koala with its eyes about to pop out of it’s head on the top.
Death frowned; confused. “Thanks?”
“No problem! It is a gift for coming to our beautiful country!” It was as if Hel had missed Death’s sarcasm completely.
“Okay, bye.” Death said and hurried from the bathroom.

Demon Fire wasn’t happy. He had already gone through the checkout and was waiting inside a taxi for Death. The cold air hit her like a blast. She cursed for not having her jumper with her. She scurried over to the taxi, nearly getting run over by a short term parking bus.
“God!” Death said when she jumped in the cab. The warm air was comforting. She shivered in pleasure.
“Took your sweet time,” Fire growled.
“Where to?” The cab driver asked.
“Just get us to short term parking, I can’t stand those buses.” Fire said and glared at Death.
Sorry, Death thought, she wouldn’t let me out!
Yeah, yeah, Fire’s face seemed to say.

When they were in Fire’s black Tahoe, Fire turned up the heating until the car was warm to be comfortable. Stupid immune to fire people! Death thought and slyly turned down the heating until it was decent. Fire just glared at her for it.
“Too hot; hot head.” She said and Fire growled.
“How many times have I told you not to call me ‘hot head’?”
Death put a finger to her lips, thinking. “Oh, well I guess I just always forget. What with you being trained specifically in fire. . .” She trailed off, fighting a smile.
“This is the price I paid to become immune to fire?” He asked himself, shaking his head. “Well at least if I had focused on water, I’d be called a mermaid. That’s got to be an improvement.” He kept muttering to himself and Death tuned him out.

The Melbourne traffic was heavy for a Tuesday morning; but with Fire’s insane driving skills, we were out in beautiful country side in no time. After an hour of driving, we arrived at Demon Fire’s beautiful farm. There was a horse named Tornado and was completely black. He named it after Zorro’s horse. Death was the one who actually broke him in seven years ago. She loved his strength, his power, his determination. Tornado’s father, Spirit was all white and he and Death had a close bond. Spirit had died a few months after Tornado was born, due to colic. She shuddered. She remembered the rainy that took Spirit away with it.

Death was dressed in her red blouse and brown jodhpurs. She couldn’t sleep; her best friend was calling to her. She snuck out of bed to see what was bothering Spirit. He was lying down. Mud caked her gum boots and the rain plastered her hair to her face. Fire couldn’t be out here. Any amount of water would put him out. She saw the distressed look on Spirit’s handsome face and she ran, not caring how many times she slipped. She forgot all about the electric fences and ran toward her beautiful horse in the dead of night. His white fur was covered in brown by now. Neighing, all around; she couldn’t pinpoint it. “SPIRIT!” She yelled, but the neighing still came from everywhere. She felt hopeless; her horse wanted her and she couldn't find it. “SPIRIT!” She called again and there was a movement to her left; then a whinny. “SPIRIT! WHAT’S WRONG?” He was sick; Death knew that much. It seemed ironic now that she had chosen the name Death. Death had come for her horse and there was nothing she could do about it but put Spirit out of his misery. She couldn’t bear to do that, so she sat down and stoked Spirit’s face, murmuring soothing words. By first light, Spirit was gone.

Death felt tears well up in her eyes as she thought of Spirit. She loved that horse more than anything! She got out of the black Tahoe and was greeted by a loud neighing. “Tornado?” Death asked, looking at a beautiful black stallion at the fence.
“Yes, that’s your boy.” Fire said grinning a little.
“He’s so beautiful.”
Fire came around and passed Death an iPod. “Welcome back!” He said and gave her a hug.
“Thanks,” Death said, smiling.
“Oh! Hey, I thought you’d like to know, I have two new farm hands. One is called Fletcher Renn, the other is his friend; Eden Threatening. They are both teleporters, Fletcher was Valkyrie’s boyfriend for some time.”
Death looked shocked. Then enemy’s ex was working on my friend’s farm? She thought. What was he thinking? She shook her head to clear it. “Um. . . Okay,” She said slowly. “Where are they?”
Fire took out his fire red mobile phone and dialed. Suddenly, two figures stepped out of thin air. One was an older man, about the age of sixteen, had blonde hair and looked like he would belong in Australian model magazine. God was he cute! The younger man was just over fifteen. He had blondish-brownish hair and blue eyes. He had a familiar face; like the kid on the plane and in her dream.
She narrowed her eyes in suspicion, making sure she wasn’t glaring and asked, “Do I know you?”
He looked at Death, shocked. “No! Of course not!” He answered too quickly.
Liar, Death thought.
“Hello, enemy of my ex.” Fletcher said, smiling.
“Oh, well I wouldn’t say that. . .” Death trailed off uncomfortable under the three pairs of human eyes and Tornado’s piercing stare.
“Oh, any enemy of my ex is a friend of mine.” Fletcher laughed, a cheerful sound and Death thought he actually meant it. “Hey! Don’t look at me like that!” Fletcher laughed at Death’s expression. She glared at a fence pole and it cracked. Fletcher’s laughed died out quickly and he gulped. “I. . . I think I’m gonna go back to work now. Hey Eden; go show Death where all Tornado’s stuff is.” And with that, he disappeared into thin air.

It looked like Demon Fire had built a few new stables and barns. There was a red barn with white trim that had all Tornado’s equipment in it. Death ran her hand over his saddle lovingly. She sighed and couldn’t hold this question in any longer. “How do I know you?”
He stared back; unsure. “You. . . You don’t know me.” He said and Death was certain that he said something like; she’s not supposed to remember! How can she?
Death tilted her head to the side, listening to his quick heart beat thudding loudly in the quiet barn.
“I know you from somewhere. You were in my dream last night and I think I saw you on the plane here.” Death stated, feeling foolish.
“It’s okay,” Eden said, fumbling for something in the pockets of his denim overalls. He found it and pulled it out. It was a metal cylinder that looked like a pencil but had a black symbol on the side.
Death stared, the pencil impersonator looked familiar but she could swear that she had never seen it before.
The dream.
Suddenly it was all clear to her. The man, the pencil with the symbol and why Eden had been following her! The Sanctuary dream wasn’t a dream at all! It was real!
“Okay, so I’m assuming by the look on your face, you remember everything,” Eden said, frowning.
“Yes!” Death shouted angry but not glaring yet.
“Well, that wasn’t a dream, the Sanctuary ‘dream’,” He made the quotation marks with his fingers. “Was real, you wont remember anything after this though. The pen I used before was just a prototype. I have the new and improved version. All I need to do is-” He paused, thinking. “No, I won’t tell you. If you do somehow remember, you’ll use it against me. China Sorrows herself carved this symbol. We made another one for her and now Skulduggery forgot that she lured his family into that trap that Nefarian Serpine set up.”
“Well, I’ll tell Demon Fire and he won’t be happy. He knows when I’m telling the truth; he reads minds.”
“But that’s a moot point when he already knows, right?”
Death froze, her perception on Demon Fire changed dramatically. He was playing along with the enemy?Death couldn’t believe her ears. What Eden was saying was insane! “Take me to Fletcher; I need to talk to him.” Death put out her hand and Eden took it.

Suddenly; they were out in the open air. Death felt her stomach acid build in her throat and bent over. Oh, did Death hate throwing up! It made her feel weak and childish.
Eden just stood there, unsure. Finally, he decided to make himself useful and held Death’s brown hair away from her face.
Death straightened up and wiped her mouth. Eden disappeared and then reappeared with a tissue. Death took it grudgingly and wiped her face better. Then Eden reappeared with a glass of water. She took it and rinsed her mouth.
“Hey there!” Someone called out and Death spun to face a handsome Fletcher Renn. Death suddenly felt red. She looked away, embarrassed to be caught throwing up in front of this handsome man who had once been Valkyrie Cain’s boyfriend.
“Hey Fletch,” Eden said, covering. “She’s a newbie to teleportation. You remember how it was for Valkyrie?”
“Oh yes!” Fletcher said, grinning. Wow! He had a smile that made the sun seem like a shadow! “First time I teleported her, it was onto the roof of Ghastly’s workshop. She punched me and almost threw up.” Fletcher laughed then looked at Death. “You okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Been through worse.” Death managed with a croaky voice.
“Really?” Eden asked.
“Yes, haven’t you heard the ‘Great Running of Death Rose from the Nightclub’?” Death asked sarcastically. They both shook their heads. Eden and Fletcher disappeared for a moment and returned with three chairs.

“I was at a nightclub in Ireland, Fletcher, I think you took Val there when the remnants escaped, and I was partying with a few friends. It was a twenty first birthday party. Getting in was hard but one of my friends could manipulate people’s minds, so I got in. The room was dark and I quickly lost sight of my friends. There was flashing lights everywhere. I looked towards the metal door at the end and I saw a strong – boxer like – man and a very thin man beside me. I knew who they where; the skeleton and Elder Bespoke.

“There was a younger girl, whom I am assuming now was Valkyrie had started weaving her way through to me. I bolted for the back exit. There where a few smokers out there and the majority of them were drunk. I didn’t think to bring my phone with me so I couldn’t call anyone to pick me up.
“I slowly made my way down the dark alley and there was a commotion behind me. I risked a glance and I saw that Ghastly had one of the smokers against the wall; his hand curled around the smoker’s neck. Ghastly was growling something and the smoker gestured towards my position; it was about one hundred yards until I hit the street.
“I raced for it and a shadow reached out and snagged my foot. I tripped and cursed. Only one sorcerer here could do that and there was no Stilskin Brave around,” Death looked at their confused expression in the bright sunlight. “Stilskin Brave is a friend of mine. He is a powerful necromancer that I met over at London fighting off Spring-Heeled Jack.” They nodded their approval. “Where was I?” Death trailed off.
“You were up to the part where the shadow tripped you over.” Eden said, absorbed in the story.
“Yeah that’s right,” Death agreed nodding. “So I tripped over and fell head long into a Dumpster. It was quite gross yes, but knowing me, I had many secret passageways around the country. Luckily, that was one of them.
“I found the secret passageway and used it. The skeleton, the tailor and the girl didn’t know about it. I was in the sewers now and it smelled really bad.” Death paused to shudder at the memory. “There was a grate above letting in the moon light. The skeleton guessed I’d probably go down there and he was standing there like Slender Man, and I turned and ran; straight into the tailor’s arms. I kicked and thrashed but nothing could loosen his grip. Man is he strong.” Death pushed up her sleeves to reveal two bruises on her arms. “These are from his hands that night.” She explained and the two teleporters nodded. “So, I was stuck in Ghastly’s arms and then Cain came up to me and said, ‘Oh, hi sewer rat!’ and punched me in the jaw. I was still conscious when they put me in Ghastly’s van and I bided my time well. Ghastly and Skulduggery got in the front of the van and Valkyrie complained that she didn’t want to sit in the back with me because I smelt bad so she sat in the front with all three of them. They hadn’t put handcuffs on me and I leaped up and opened the backdoors of the van before anyone could move.
“I ran, faster and faster and turned down a dark alley. It was wide and long. Down the end of that alley, something flashed. I thought it was the skeleton’s gun and I ducked for cover. There were footsteps on the wall beside me and a girl dressed in tight brown leather and had a sword in her hand. I knew that must have been Tanith Low. I looked back and saw Ghastly had stopped. There were two cleavers behind him and he held his hand back in a gesture saying stop. They obeyed.
“Tanith on the other hand didn’t stop. She ran at the nearest cleaver and swung her blade into his midsection. There was only the sound of skin and bone slicing and that was all. A hand touched my arm and I pulled back, expecting it to be the skeleton or the Cain girl; but it was a man in a dark brown suit. He had scuffed cowboy boots and dark sunglasses on. Why? I thought, it was night time and the sun wasn’t out.
“I’m Billy Ray Sanguine, Tanith’s boyfriend. Hold on tight.” He said with a rich Texan accent; the hit mandeluxe. I thought and the floor ruptured at our feet.
“He took me underground for a few seconds and his hand dipped up. Tanith joined us under the street and Billy Ray grunted. We all held hands as we dug – sorta, it was more like floated – through the dirt. It sounded like a rockslide above us.
“We arrived at my house, which was strange because I had never told them where I lived. ‘We’ll be keeping an eye on you, or at least Tanith will, I have no eyes ya see,’ and then he took off his sunglasses to reveal to black orbs where his eyes should be.
“I backed away, confused. ‘How come you don’t have any eyes?’ I asked and Billy Ray just shook his head. ‘My li’l secret,’ he grinned and with that he disappeared.
“I had just gotten back to my house and there was a knock on the door. I opened it up and was suddenly lying on my back. I looked up, even more confused then before to see a strong bald man with pale blue eyes; only two people in the world had eyes like that, a brother and sister who used to worship the Faceless Ones: China Sorrows and her brother; Mr. Bliss. Hadn’t he died fighting the Faceless Ones? Or defending his sister’s honor? Mr. Bliss had his arms around me and was frowning. He was scary alright, all muscle and . . . well . . . muscle.
“The detective walked into the room and explained how that was Mr. Bliss’s reflection that died that day on Aranmore Farm. He said they were all using reflections, every one but Valkyrie and himself. He said that the only one who needed to use their magic was those themselves. They got China’s reflection and carved symbols onto it.
“Then, I was taken to the Sanctuary and that is where I met you,” Death gestured to Eden.
“Oh, about that. Why did they want me to keep an eye on you? They never did tell me.”
“That night, three hours before the party, I had murdered two people. They were Sanctuary spies who always followed me; Elizabeth Time and Magnet Cannon.” From the shocked look on Eden’s face, he knew who she was talking about.
“They. . .” He trailed off.
“I know, they worked for the Sanctuary, they had families and lives, they had pets, they had friends they had the whole lot!” Death started yelling. “Okay! They had it! I never did! I never knew what it was like to have a family, a mother to look after you, a father to argue with, brothers or sisters to mess about with! You’re lucky! You have families and pets! You don’t have to convince your friends to give you money for rent and the simplest necessities! You have friends, families, PARENTS EVEN! AND WHAT DO I HAVE? NOTHING! YOUR ONLY FRIEND NOW DIDN’T KILL YOUR BEST FRIEND TWO YEARS AGO! DID THEY?” And with that, Death turned her back and ran back to the farm house with her head in her hands, crying loudly.

Death dressed into her new black jodhpurs and her black blouse. She left her horse riding helmet on her bed and put her boots on. She needed a ride. An emotional outburst like the one she had just minutes ago could only be cured by riding a horse.
She made it over to the barn without running into anyone, thank the Golden God, but stopped in the doorway. There were voices inside. Death darted behind the door and listened.
“Why did she just go on and confess all that?” That was Eden.
“Well, I’m no psychiatrist, but I’ve got a feeling that she had that bottled up inside her.” That must have been Fletcher.
“Why are we in here?”
“Because you need to tell her.” Death thought it was a good time to make herself known.
“Tell me what?” She asked with her hands fisted on her hips.
They both looked nervous.
“Well?” She insisted.
“Okay, you know those two-”
Death interrupted, angry. “YES! I DO! OF COURSE! WHAT ABOUT IT?!”
“They were . . .” Eden trailed off, looking at Fletcher for help.
“What he is trying to say is that those two weren’t actually who they said they were.”
“What?” Death’s face went from cherry red to pale as a sheet in just seconds.
“They were traitors. They were the ones behind the attack on the Sanctuary a few years back. They thought that they could blame it on Davinia Marr, and obviously, it worked. Eden and I were the only ones who knew about it; we used what Skulduggery taught me and together, we’ve figured it out.”
Death was beyond confused, beyond angry. “Eden!” She screeched storming over to him. She poked him in the chest. “You were inches away from him yesterday and you didn’t tell him? INCHES! He’s a detective, for Golden God’s sake! And you didn’t tell him?” She shook her head in bewilderment. “Okay, OUT!” Death pushed the men out the barn doors and grabbed Tornado. Stuff the saddle, Death thought and went to retrieve Tornado.

Tornado was in good spirits; he was galloping faster than before and he was neighing appreciatively. Riding bareback and without a bridle was something Death did often; well whenever she was back in Australia with Tornado that is. She loved to lose control and let the horse take over. She remembered doing this the day before Spirit passed. She shook herself out of the memory. She didn’t want to put a damper on this feeling of flying on a horse’s back. She let the wind carry away her thoughts and just concentrated on the sensation of the wind on her face. The wind suddenly cut off and Death opened her eyes. Her horse was behind her and Death was falling, into an abyss. Not some strange metaphorical term, but literally falling into a giant gaping black hole in the ground. She screamed. . .