Thursday, 18 October 2012

Administrators, a dime a dozen.

What's the deal with the unimportance of the sanctuary administrators.
Well with one of them being a traitor and the first one being killed, I think it's about time something happened to the current one.

   Death Rose didn't know what type of person Tipstaff was all she knew was he worked for the sanctuary so he had to die, but that didn't mean he couldn't help her first. Tipstaff wasn't the best fighter, sanctuary administartors never were, he practically feinted when Death touched him. She had him on the ground in less than five minutes. "What do you want?" he asked his eyes wide in fear, she could swear he'd already wet himself "your the sanctuary administrator right ?" she asked her patience wearing thin. "ye ye yes" he answered, "that means you have access to anywhere In the building?" "yes" he answered finally recognising his importance but I'll never give the master key to you" he finished proud at how brave he sounded. "Well you see that's where you're wrong, because before you mentioned the master key I didn't know how you opened the doors so since its the key that opens it and  all I need is the key not you" she countered, her smile growing as his disappeared "so I'll be having that key now please" she said holding out her hand. He held out the keys and she glared at him and saw the last ounce of life fade from his face, she hid his body or what was left of it  in a cleaning supply closet and took the keys. 

  Erksine Ravel hadn't liked being chosen as the Grand Mage of the council of elders but it had its moments going to the site of an administrator's body wasn't one of them. "What do you think happened Mr Brave" Erksine asked.
"Despite the somber look of my attire Mr Ravel I am not a coroner but lucky for you it doesn't take someone with the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes to figure out he wasn't torn apart but had a special magic power used on him, a special power that we know only one person can use." "So you think Ms Rose snook in here, but why?" "Well if you search the body or what's left of it, you'll notice that one thing is missing the administrator's key." " Oh well then we have a big problem on or hands" "indeed


  1. COOL!!!

    LOL it is funny!!!

    Keep at it!!!

  2. They have more than a big problem...

    I have the keys to the Sanctuary!!!