Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fights and fancy cars.

Well Skulduggery has the Bentley so I have mine.

Eden gave the girl at the counter his order and waited at the table for his coffee. He heard a familiar voice order at the counter at then a look of surprise crossed his face as Sanguine sat down in front of him."Get out of  here Billy Ray, I have a contact waiting" a flash of anger crossed his face. 
"Well you see about that he kinda wants to have your meeting from the dumpster around the corner" he answered his handsome face forming a smile.
"Why did you did you kill my contact ?" Eden asked his anger clearly visible by now. "because I wanted to talk to you" he answered, "it's about Death Rose she asked me to kill you so she could destroy the sanctuary, even paid me double my usual demand if I stop you from talking to anyone else. But you see I don't want to destroy the sanctuary you guys are just too much fun you see" "so what is she planning." " oh this is a bit awkward I didn't say I wasn't going to kill you don't take it personally it's just that when I've been paid for a job I do it, it would severely hurt my reputation if I were to let this one slide on account of me liking you guys to much so" he finished, as he moved his straight razor into view. "We can take this" but before he could finish Eden shot him a box right into the jaw.The whole room went quiet as Sanguine returned a blow of his own to Eden's shoulder. Sanguine went low trying to lift Eden off his feet but Eden sent a elbow sharply into his neck. Sanguine went to sink into the ground but Eden caught him and whispered into his ear "no public displays of magic please" then kneed Sanguine in the groin. Sanguine feinted high and threw Eden over his shoulder and kicked his shin on the way down, Eden rolled away just before Sanguine smashed into the ground and as he lay dazed there Eden slapped a pair of hand cuffs on him. He picked up Sanguine, left a fifty euro note at the counter and led Sanguine to his Astin  Martin.


  1. COOL!!!!!

    It Looks AWESOME!!!

    :D Sanguine got kneed in the groin! :D
    tehe so amused!!!

  2. ... I suddenly don't trust Billy Ray anymore...

    Eden, that is epic... And I might just be getting a Ford GT when I turn 18!! It's blue!!!

    I don't think I can ever trust Mr. Sanguine again...

  3. Eden!!! You have to write more!!!!!!!
    PLEASE!!!! I AM DYING!!!!!