Friday, 5 October 2012

First part of the story

This is just the very start so I'm not giving you very much, just be thankful you're getting anything at all.

The Brave and Threatening adventures of Stiltskin and Eden
                                                           Death Rose

Eden Threatening and Stilstkin Brave detectives for the Irish sanctuary were sitting in their car - well really it was Stiltskins car, Eden being a natural born teleporter didn't have much need for cars- they were waiting for the notorious murderer, war criminal and terrorist , Jestian Slump.
They had been waiting in the car for hours Brave had been able to fall asleep but Eden being a teleporter wasn't used to confinedspace s - he wasn't used to a lot of things but he hated confined spaces the most - as he watched the shadows play with Braves hair he saw some movement out of the window, it was a woman about 6 feet from the looks of it anything else was blocked out by the rain and her coat but the next figure Eden recognised easily. Jestian Slump. 
    Eden shook Stiltskins shoulders and the shadows around him instantly tightened. "  What ? " he asked then he peered out the window and saw the car in front speed down the street and put his own BMW in gear following so as not to be noticed. When they came to a corner something strange happened two figures dumped something on the footpath then sped away in the car.
" What do you think that could be " asked Eden " dont know let's check it out " 
They walked over to what looked like a body. The body of Slump his unmistakeable long hair lay matted on the ground and on his chest was a note 
                                         Ha ha I got here first boys,  
                                                        Death Rose 

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