Saturday, 6 October 2012


Most of you won't believe this, me being the seemingly perfect genius I am. *grins*
Well anyway it felt so humbling when I got the emails that people had actually commented on my blog and they weren't hate comments!
Well anyway I dedicate this blog post to Death Rose and Lola Shallow Heart my first fans.
(Brave I'll dedicate to you if you come on)
Well here it is, the next instalment.
Hope you enjoy it.

Eden sat cross legged on his armchair while Stiltskin made some coffee they had had their apartments joined so if either one had information the other would know straight away, that was never a problem for Eden but Stiltskin's shadow walking skills couldn't compare to teleportation. Eden tapped a symbol on the armchair, the good thing about being a natural at a certain type of magic was you could focus your energy on a different type. Eden liked symbols, symbols were great, he wondered if Stiltskin  liked necromancy, he hadn't talked much about temple life. Eden had often wonder how he was trained but those thoughts always left quickly, Stiltskin came over with the coffee and Eden placed it on the already hot symbol. "You ever heard of this death rose " he asked "yes, only rumours though she's adept, can reverse gravity and kill people by looking at them but it takes a lot out of her" " so at least we know what we're going up against " " what worries me more is her motive why kill Slump unless he knew something that she didn't want us to know " Eden finished his coffee. " Well we've got a big day a head of us tomorrow we've got to explain how this Death Rose came from nowhere and killed one of the most feared killers anywhere." "Please don't mention it till the morning " moaned Eden " I just want to go to sleep" he said as he put away coffee mug and went to his room. "Goodnight Mr Threatening." " Goodnight Mr Brave."

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