Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How do they do it?

I know that the SP characters are some of the coolest characters out there but how in the world do they get around the world ( see what I did there ) with their weapons on them?
That was the inspiration for this part of the story.
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You happy now Death *grins*.
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 " What do you mean you got caught in customs," Death shouted angrily " you are supposed to be one of the most deadly assassins in the world and you got caught in customs." The man answered in a rich Texan accent " well every assassins gotta have a weapon, right?, well  it turns out mines illegal in this country. " "Then why did you have it in your hand luggage" she glared at the window she was looking out and it burst into a million pieces " okay " she said her voice calming " do whatever you can to get out of there." " You mean you want me to kill 'em ?" " yes!" Death couldn't see it but I wide smile crept over the Texan's face she ended the call as the sound of screams filled the room. 
That was one job sorted now to her part.

   "Can't do it " answered Finbar a frown forming on his face "what do you mean, I thought you said your powers were back up and running" asked Eden his fist clenching as he closed his eyes. "there's more psychics than me" said Finbar his voice sympathetic, "none that trust us, no sensitive likes us  ever since we did that mysterious mind breaking case a few years ago" answered Eden."What about Cassandra?" Finbar asked, " she doesn't trust necromancers" answered Brave as he stood in the corner playing with the shadows in the room."Sorry I couldn't be of help guys it seems like your going to have to take the hard approach." "what's that ?" asked Stiltskin. "waiting for whatever's going to happen to happen" answered Finbar a wide grin forming across his face "no time for that" joked Eden an even wider grin forming across his face as he put on his gloves and jacket. He shook Finbars hand then as soon as Stiltskin put his hands on Edens shoulders they were gone


  1. Cool!!!!
    Ur bringing Billy-ray into thia arn't you?

    but yes how do they get ther wepons around?
    My opinion is that they take privet flights! but other than that i don't know ... exept for telerporter! they can just go anywhere!

    Please KEEP WRIGHTING!!!!

  2. *Smiles and shakes head*
    How I do just adore you you Eden...