Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The plot thickens

Here's the newest part.
I haven't been on Blogland in ages ( a week roughly ).
So here's the story and keep the comments coming.

Death Rose didn't know why her employers wanted Jestian Slump dead she did what they asked if she asked all of her employers their reasons she had a feeling that she wouldn't be so inundated with jobs as she was, she didn't care who her employers were either she just  wanted their money, as long as they payed the job was done. 
 Jestian Slump had been one of her easier jobs the employers paid before hand and offered her a little extra to make sure no one else got to him first, of course they had been lying, but the earlier pay had been enough for her,
Besides foiling the Irish sanctuary was enough they had driven her halfway around the world and now she wanted a little pay back, killing Jestian Slump was just the beginning.

  "So tell me Mr Threatening why did such an easy operation end so badly ?" asked Grand Mage Erksine Ravel. " We met some opposition, we believe Death Rose intercepted the target before we had a chance " answered Eden. 
" Isn't she supposed to be hiding in Australia ?" said Madame Mist. "According to out last briefing, yes, but we have reason to believe that she has friends in high places" countered Stiltskin " and that Slump was going to do something out of plan because Ms Rose was able to get very close to him which must mean she was given access to him by Slumps gang " finished Eden. " Are you saying that not only was the Australian sanctuary in on it but so were Slump's own supporters  ? " asked Ravel quite bewildered at this point. " This meeting is adjourned you are dismissed the council shall convene with you when we are finished with more pressing matters" commanded Madame Mist gesturing to the door.
" Why do you think Madame Mist did that, " asked Stiltskin. " What I think is Ms Rose has more friends in high places than we know about, I don't think we should report back to the sanctuary unless we have Death Rose in custody" answered Eden. " Agreed " finished Stiltskin. 


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