Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A blog post a day keeps the hate mail away.

Here's a short snippet of the story, I know it's not a lot but its better than nothing.

Death liked Ireland, it was a nice place filled with nice people.
Granted most of them wanted her dead and vice versa. It had all happened so long ago, after the war with Mevolent had ended she had been one of the few criminals who had prospered by robbing and giving up former comrades in exchange for her crimes being expunged. It had all backfired when another criminal had ratted her out for her underground tiger railroad (robbing tigers and setting them free in India). What had stung the most was the man who had ratted her out was the one who knew all her supply and cross border routes, partly because he was the lone teleporter who operated them.
Eden Threatening, the betrayal stung even know but she couldn't help feeling a glimmer of admiration at how he had used her not only to get his numerous murders expunged but also to gain a promising career in a sanctuary he had defied for two decades. Death pushed those thoughts aside as she boarded the plain.


  1. COOL!!!

    So you could be a double spy or something! COOL! :D
    Keep at it! :D

  2. ...
    I don't know how to feel... I am extatic because of the tiger railroad and I am shocked about how you betrayed me...

    I'll go with being extatic! It's a fuzzier feeling!

    I love the title too!!!!

    Keep writing!!!

  3. *Laughs*
    You owe us a lot of posts, Mister...
    iPod... Being... Stupid and my dog is biting my foot!!!