Thursday, 8 November 2012

Insert title when I think of it.

I don't have any comments to make on this instalment as I can't think of one that would be worth my whit so here's your story.
P.S. can anyone post in the comments what's been happening in Blogland? I haven't been on in ages.

  "Get what you wanted?" Madame Mist asked. "Plan went off without a hitch" Death Rose answered jingling the key. "Good and did you find Slumps plans," "yep it has all the instructions on how and where to use it it even gives you the danger radius in case you don't won't to be caught up in it all." "I'm afraid that's unnecessary for I will have to be close enough to make it look plausible yet far enough so I can easily escape" " okay so I'll give them to you later and have you held up your side of the bargain" Death asked as Madame Mist held up a brown folder. "everythings here passports, birth certificates, deeds and even medical records" she left it on the table and walked out. Death grabbed the folder and walked out the opposite door.

  "Any luck on your part?" Brave asked. "Nothing much we've got Sanguine in the interrogation room, he was pretty dazed so I wasn't able to get much out of him but it seems he was mostly kept in the dark about what to do after he killed me so that leaves us with little or no leads." "Well we do have one Jestian Slump  and if we're lucky they haven't destroyed all his files so let's go investigate."
 "It seems that Slump wasn't one for cleanliness" Eden announced as he kicked down the door to Slump's apartment. "Well I guess if you lived on the run and could have to leave where ever you were living at an hours notice would you have much time for cleaning?" Brave asked his voice much to sarcastic for Eden's liking." Well his files would certainly be somewhere he could snatch up or burn at the last minute, let's hope he didn't get time to do either" Eden shouted to Brave from the next room as he searched through some newspaper clippings about Slump.


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