Thursday, 18 April 2013

New fanfic idea

I have recently got an idea to do a fanfic on a book series I have recently finished reading.
The series is called ' Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell ' I don't think any of you have read it but the BBC are doing a small tv series on it so if you see that that's what I'm basing this on.
In the series there's magic a bit more complex than SP and more SP like than Harry Potter ( if that even made sense. ). Anyway it uses spells but not wands ( I would suggest reading it or just searching it up on google. ) and there are different worlds such as Hell and Faerie as well as this one.
It is set in the 1800s and that is all I'm explaining now the rest will be revealed through the series.
The Eden and Brave series will still go on but will alternate between the new fanfic.
P.S. my lead character will still be Eden but we might be seeing a few changes to the cocky, smashingly good looking teleporter.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Staying up late

Just a post while I'm bored.

Recently I was banned from using electronic devices during the week, so that's iPad, laptop, phone all gone ( thank god for tv ). So what I've been doing for the past few weekends is staying up till as late as I can online which means I'm up till about three o'clock most weekend nights but if you take a few weeks ago when I had two weeks off I was barely able to stay up during the day.
In fact on the last free night I had I stayed up all night and I fell asleep at four o'clock in the afternoon.
You might be wondering why I'm trailing on with this and to that I say the end justifies the means, and by that I mean a new excerpt from the Eden and Brave story.
P.S Brave your staying as brave in the story if that's okay with you.

Eden hadn't been in the Brackshawl Inn in over 40 years but a reputation like his was timeless or used to be. Criminals who swap sides are generally considered weak, Eden considered himself smart. He saw his chance to be on the winning team and he took it with both hands.
He had long left the world of vagrants behind but there are manners of handling yourself that you never forget.
He pushed open the door and strode in boldly, his gun clearly visible in his shoulder holster and his sabre peaking out from under his coat.
He reached the bar and grabbed a glass of liquor off a smuggler he remembered as Damien McDreadful.
McDreadful growled as he turned around, readying himself to take on whatever fool who had the gall to take his drink.
This all disappeared when he saw Eden.
" Hello Damien, I'd say your looking well but I'm trying to cut down on the amount of lies I tell" Eden's Snow White teeth formed his confident grin as he spoke. " What are you here for?" " I think we both know that Dame. May I call you that? I believe it was much more flattering than the other name I had for you. I seem to have forgotten it, do you remember Dame?" Eden's smile growing wider with every second.
" McDog" answered McDreadful, his head lowering as he spoke.
" Ah yes I remember, McDog because you were as obedient as a dog to whoever payed or threatened you enough."
" Now I want to know if you've been running any shipments from Australia recently?" Eden asked.
" No " McDreadful answered, a bead of sweat forming on his brow.
" I think your lying, do you remember what I used to do to people who lied to me?" Eden asked, finishing off the liquor.
" Alright, I'll tell you just don't hurt me. Death Rose came to me and asked me if I could get her to Ireland. She had said it was perfectly legal and that one of the elders had sanctified it. I didn't want to mess with her, so I just shipped off and left her go at one of my smuggling points." Finished McDreadful, inhaling a deep breath.
" Any idea where she may be know?"
" She said something about a Madame Mist organising her travel arrangements from there. I took no pass on it and let her go."
" Thankyou Dame, this is why you were never a very successful smuggler.
You'd rat on your own mother to save your skin for one day."
Eden walked away from the bar and slammed the door behind him, leaving a very disheartened McDreadful contemplating the consequences of his actions.