Thursday, 18 April 2013

New fanfic idea

I have recently got an idea to do a fanfic on a book series I have recently finished reading.
The series is called ' Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell ' I don't think any of you have read it but the BBC are doing a small tv series on it so if you see that that's what I'm basing this on.
In the series there's magic a bit more complex than SP and more SP like than Harry Potter ( if that even made sense. ). Anyway it uses spells but not wands ( I would suggest reading it or just searching it up on google. ) and there are different worlds such as Hell and Faerie as well as this one.
It is set in the 1800s and that is all I'm explaining now the rest will be revealed through the series.
The Eden and Brave series will still go on but will alternate between the new fanfic.
P.S. my lead character will still be Eden but we might be seeing a few changes to the cocky, smashingly good looking teleporter.


  1. I swear I commented on here... I swears it!!!!


    Okay, what I think my message said (or what I am saying now): hehehe! I'm super exited! I can't wait!
    *Sits down and waits*

  2. You haven't wrote in so long. I know you've been writing HG but... It's not enough... You've bearly been on Blogland, I've only seen you twice and I've missed you both times. I've chosen to forget about the ball; it's easier. Please, just come on again... I've missed you. We all have. Please Eden.
    You've always been my best friend and I'm pretty damn certain that'll always be the case. I remember waking up at three am to talk to you and it was the best sacrifice of my life. I remember squealing when you emailed me and trying to type as fast as I could to reply.
    Just, please, don't forget about Blogland. Don't forget about your friends. *Smiles sadly*