Thursday, 15 May 2014

Eden Tanefoot and Eli Blacktyde an introduction

I finally decided it was time to post some of the story since I've written most of the first section so here it is.
             P.S. Death check your emails for god's sake.

The late summer sun sprang up past the willow trees as it shone its morning rays over the old castle of Edenvale, the ancestral home of house Tanefoot. It broke through the courtyard to find a young man saddling a horse.
    "What are you doing?" Questioned his father from the lord's tower. "Off to take the hounds for a run" answered the the young man. He couldn't have been more than 18 but the yellow fuzz covering his jaw added a year to his appearance. He had purple shirt on with a black tunic bearing a ball of purple flame, the sigil of his house. "Be back soon or maybe we will have to think twice about knighting you." His father chuckled, his grey beard bouncing on his face.  "Don't worry father, our magic is within!" He called back with the words of his house and smiled at his father's good natured harr as he galloped over the drawbridge on his heavy palomino destrier. The hounds following behind.
The branches of the trees reached out to grab at his purple cloak with a black sable trim. He continued along the woodland paths until he came on to a smooth stone road. His ancestors had built these when they came to Westeros from the lands around Essos. They had used magic back then to melt the stones into a road to connect their holdings. The magic had since been lost form his family but his family and house Bravetide ( a family who had fled the 'Doom' along with house Tanefoot) had remained on the land their families had won from the Andals hundreds of years ago.
Confused post all questions in the comments and keep waiting for the Eden and Brave fan-fic to come out. 

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Behold I Have Returned

Okay so I know it has been a long time since I posted but I'm definitely getting back to this right now.
Just to update you on interesting events in my life :
   We did the Skulduggery Pleasant page from my Irish book today I was over the moon.
Then argued with my friend what was cooler Valduggery or Thrashabelle (been reading a lot of Valduggery recently).
    My mom saw Eoin Colfer leave the place she does fitness this morning. Some of you might think that's mad but it's a regular occurrence here so yeah.
     Got my junior cert coming up next year so got to get ready for that (I have to go to Irish college for three weeks in the summer).

So yeah be expecting some fanfics in the future. I've written the first few paragraphs in a Game of Thrones fan fic I want to do ( don't worry rated K ) and I want to do one on the Eden Threatening in LSODM so be warned.

P.S. Could Death Rose please check her emails please please please please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!